Sportsbook Management

Our unmatched range of sports betting services allows operators to select the products to meet their needs, or hand over the entire sportsbook function to our experienced team.



Our end-to-end sportsbook platform is designed to be flexible, modular and open, allowing operators to choose the best-of breed products and services across trading, marketing and UX development. The highly-scalable platform gives maximum control to our partners, especially around the front-end design and product innovation – key differentiators in today’s competitive market.









Our advanced profiling software allows customers to be accurately categorised and managed individually or as a group. This includes segmentation by stake size and value of customer, preferred betting markets, automated treatments of VIPs and automatic price rolls.


Our marketing module offers a huge range of promotional options, all purpose-built to drastically reduce time spent creating and enacting targeted marketing campaigns. It makes targeting specific customer groups with promotions, such as sign-up/not deposited or dormant, a simple and cost-effective process.


The Betgenius Platform offers a large suite of in-depth reporting tools, allowing operators to drill down into performance and strategy at the touch of a button. It is also designed to allow partners to integrate with the database to provide simple customisation of reports without having to redeploy any software, as well as a range of fraud detection tools.


The Betgenius Platform makes tracking, reporting and optimising affiliate activity simple and fast. Partners can be assigned to affiliates and all bets placed in the system will be registered with the clients’ affiliate ID for reporting purposes.


By helping our partners streamline their sportsbook operations and get the most out of their existing resources, Betgenius drives turnover and increases margins better than anyone else in the business. We can manage the entire sportsbook operation, including event creation, resulting and risk management – across more than 300,000 events and 130,000 live events a year.

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We offer a range of UX and customer engagement tools, ranging from full sportsbook presentation to dynamic in-play applications. Partners can take full control of their front-end design or rely on Betgenius to create a dynamic and differentiated interface on their behalf.

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Deep knowledge of the industry and ability to leverage the wider betting ecosystem gives us a unique position to help our partners achieve acquisition of the correct players at the correct price, and ensure maximum life-time value through effective retention and engagement.

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Our turnkey platform means operators can launch a complete sports betting product, quickly and efficiently using Betgenius’ unmatched experience and technology.

Partners can then choose to operate it entirely themselves or outsource selected components including operations, trading and UX development to us.

Sportsbook Platform

Efficiently launch or revamp your online sportsbook with our fully customisable, turnkey solution. This includes our full-suite of back-end tools, customer management, CRM and betting engine.

Managed Operations

Remove the stress and cost of running a complete sportsbook operation by outsourcing operations including risk management, IT and customer support to Betgenius.

Trading & Data Services

Tap into our unrivalled range of pre-match and in-play trading services, offering hundreds of thousands of events a year across more than 25 sports, including end-to-end products for eSports and horseracing.

UX Development

We design and build engaging betting products across web, mobile and native apps, helping sportsbook operators offer the best experience possible to their customers.


By helping our partners streamline their sportsbook operations and get the most out of their existing resources, Betgenius drives turnover and increases margins better than anyone else in the business.

Our 400-strong trading team offers the most comprehensive event coverage and allows sportsbooks to either partially or fully outsource their pre-match and in-play trading functions, including event creation, pricing and resulting.

PreMatch Manager

Tap into a fully or partially automated pre-match trading platform hosting hundreds of thousands of events across more than 25 sports. Our PreMatch Manager product delivers industry-leading margin while helping our partners streamline their sportsbook operations.

InPlay Manager

Our highly configurable, fully automated trading platform hosts hundreds of thousands of live events per year including exclusive content across key sports. Operators can retain total control of odds, margin and market types on a match-by-match basis.

Racing Manager

Remove the need for a resource-heavy and expensive manual odds compilation and trading of horse racing with our fully-automated solution, complete with easily integrated live streaming.


Betgenius is the leading provider of eSports trading. With up to 50 in-game markets on multiple reoccurring objectives for over 500 events per month in 10 different game titles, we allow operators to drive maximum engagement for the full duration of an event.


Betgenius offers a range of user experience and customer engagement tools, ranging from full sportsbook presentation to dynamic in-play applications.

Our market-leading products are proven to help our partners boost customer engagement and retention, and maximise lifetime value.

Sportsbook Design & Development

Harness our years of experience in sportsbook design to offer your customers the best user journey and betting experience possible.

Live Betting Applications

Drive in-play revenue further across all devices through fast, accurate market creation and visual stimulus.

Scorecentres & Scoreboards

Engage sportsbook customers and prompt bets with a set of responsive HTML Scorecentres & Scoreboards across all our in-play sports.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

We offer a range of sophisticated apps for mobile and desktop which can be integrated with existing suppliers or act as a complete solution, custom designed for our partners’ needs.