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Through a mix of strategic input and proprietary technology, Betgenius offers the online betting and gaming industry an unrivalled data-driven digital marketing solution. We have been the sector’s number one ad server for more than a decade.

Deep knowledge of the industry and ability to leverage the wider betting ecosystem gives us a unique position to help our partners achieve acquisition of the correct players at the correct price, and ensure maximum life-time value through effective retention and engagement.



Ad serving: Betgenius’ bespoke ad server delivers adverts to betting audiences on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Our market-leading dynamic creative allows operators to incorporate live odds and real-time match data in adverts and deliver better conversion rates.

Programmatic: We are the leading programmatic trading desk in the online betting and gaming sector. Combining a data-driven optimisation approach, dynamic creative and strategic private marketplace deals, our team provides a scalable acquisition and retention channel to sportsbooks of any size.

Creative Services: The Betgenius creative team are experts in delivering engaging ads in a variety of betting formats. By delivering customised content in real-time to targeted audience segments, we are able to maximise the efficiency of spend.


Data Management Platform: Our Data Management Platform allows operators to enrich their CRM segment data with real-time betting information and deliver messages through multiple channels to engage with customers in an automated, but personalised, way.


Betslip Retargeting: On average over 30% of betslips populated on sportsbook sites are abandoned on a daily basis. Betgenius’ award winning technology targets these customers with real-time messages based on their individual betting preferences. This technology allows operators to lower acquisition costs and increase turnover and player lifetime value.